Finance Committee Deputy: dues of Egyptian labor is part of the debt owed by Iraq

Posted: June 3, 2011 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Dohuk, June 3 (Rn) – A member of the Finance Committee on Friday that the Iraqi parliamentary entitlements of Egyptian labor is part of the debt owed by Iraq.

Egypt stresses that the value of zero transfers the rights of workers did not fall Egyptians which has a statute or as a result of regime change in Iraq in 2003.

It is expected to hand over Iraq, the Egyptian labor dues before the month of Ramadan.

Said Rep. Najeebeh Naguib Kurdistan News Agency (Rn) The remittances of Egyptian workers from within the debt and benefits and damages resulting from Iraq.

Iraq remains indebted to Arab and foreign countries, led by several of Kuwait.

The newspaper “Sunrise,” the Egyptian quoted on Wednesday by the Minister of Manpower and Immigration Ahmed Hassan El-Borai said that his Government would strive to be the disbursement of these remittances to the beneficiaries of $ 637 thousand in number due before the start of holy month of Ramadan.

It was announced Borai, according to the newspaper, that the Iraqi Council of Ministers approved the request of Egypt, regardless the value of remittances, amounting to $ 408 million, and committed the Ministry of Finance to pay this debt to Egypt.

The Egyptian sources said earlier that the number of zero transfers of about 625 thousand due, most of them regular employment simple.

The government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh had said on Tuesday that the Cabinet had agreed to pay out of its assessed dues to the Egyptians, under the orders yellow.

Hundreds of thousands of Egyptian workers in Iraq, sending remittances to their families until 1990, according to the Iraqi financial system, which requires payment of funds to the bank branches of government, such as Mesopotamia and the good, and wishing to transfer to get support yellow color of the amount that turned him.

The Iraqi banks then transfer the payment orders to banks in Egypt with the value of the underwriter, is that the economic embargo imposed on Iraq after its invasion of Kuwait in August 1990, froze the money since then.

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