Iraq tariff law begins in July

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Application of tariffs beginning of July

08/05/2012 2:35

revealed to the economy and invest in the House of Representatives for identifying the first of next July as the deadline for the application of tariff law.

said committee member Abdul Hussein Resan Husseini told the “morning”: that he “discussed this topic at the last meeting of the Committee After that has been discussed adequately through frequent meetings with some of the official bodies and ministers. “

and added that the committee had heard a lot of government officials and their support for the application of tariff law, and what happened to delay him during the previous period for more than three times was because of the lack of automatic required for the application of this law. “

said Husseini said “the last committee meeting with the Minister of Planning Dr. Ali Shukri, in which he explained some things, especially that there is trying to delay the application of this law from the perspective of” commercial “rather than economic,” noting that the final decision of the Parliament and the Commission Economic Committee and the Government is to determine the first of next July, the date for the application of tariff law.,

he noted, “there were opinions from some lawmakers and other parties demands to postpone the application of this law again, but the Committee in turn, rejected that as before the date last resort commitments made by each of the government and parliament. “

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