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9/12/2013 0:00

saw the Academy that there is a possibility to take advantage of the exceptions and exemptions granted by the World Trade Organization in the growth of real national income.

Consists gross national income (GNI) of personal consumption expenditures and gross private investment and consumption expenditures of government, net income from assets abroad (receipts net income) and total exports of goods and services, net of two components: the total imports of goods and services, and business tax indirect and includes the value of all the products and services that have been created within a country in a single year (ie, GDP), along with revenues net from other countries (notably interest and dividends) (more…)

Union announced the production in the Kurdistan region that the unstable security situation in Kurdistan impacted heavily on the economy represented by buying and selling, import and export.

He said the Federation of production in Kurdistan, in a statement received by the Euphrates {} copy of it on Sunday that “the violence and the phenomenon of murder and suicide have increased in the past few months in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, especially in Sulaymaniyah and most recently the murder of journalist Kaveh Ckramaani, which led to the instability of the security situation in the Kurdistan region. (more…)