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christmas_tree_png_by_dbszabo1-d347mg2Today we celebrate the true reason for this holiday.  The Greatest Gift Given to Man.  The Birth of Jesus Christ.

I hope each of you are spending time with friends, family and even the family pet celebrating this wonderful day.

The Currency Newshound will not be posting news today in honor of this wonderful day.  But I do want to thank each of you for following The Currency Newshound on the website, Twitter, and Facebook and hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas.

Please enjoy the day and take time to tell those you love how much you care about them. What better gift can you give a person?

Merry Christmas to all and may God Bless each and every one

Just Hopin

I love Easter because its time for me to renew and strengthen my faith.  But it also reminds me to celebrate life and know tomorrow can be better than today.

Easter is a wonderful time of year.  Easter is a time for miracles, a time to rejoice and a time to believe that prayers can come true.

Today is a very special time for me and my family.  In observance of Easter I will not be posting news or be making comments today unless it is of major significance.  I hope you can appreciate my decision.

I hope you have a wonderful, blessed Easter and have the opportunity to spend time with those friends and family you love.  After all that is what is truly important.

Just Hopin

He replied, “Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”  - Matthew 17:20

“You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?” - Matthew 14:31

“He is not here, for He has risen” - Matthew 28:6

Parliamentary source: Council of Representatives set three week holiday

Parliamentary source revealed, Tuesday, that the Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided to determine the holiday of Eid al-Adha in three weeks, starting from the 15th of the current month and until the sixth of November.

The source said in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, “The Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided, today, to determine holiday of Eid al-Adha to Congress three weeks.” (more…)

Ramadan begins across Iraq on Saturday, according to the religious authorities in Najaf and the Sunni Endowment in Baghdad, coincided with the Iraqis drew praise.

The office said the highest religious authority, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani said on Saturday the first day of the month of Ramadan. (more…)

I just wanted to take this time and say thank you to each of you for being some of the kindest people I have come to know.

While all the “eggs” are not in the basket I do believe we are getting closer each and every day to seeing the IQD gain in value. And what a blessed day that will be!

This is a great time of year..Its Spring, Easter, candy, hiding eggs, and who doesn’t love the Easter Bunny! Have a great Saturday and give all those around you a big hug..Its a great day!

- Just Hopin (more…)

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Iraq Urban Development Summit

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Iraq Urban Development Summit

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