Arab spring did not lead to increased investment

Posted: October 22, 2011 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

On: Sat 22/10/2011 12:31

Baghdad (news) / report / Faleh Hussein / .. He specialized in the field of economy and investment conditions that occur in the Arab spring did not lead to increased investment, or the entry of investors to Iraq as part of the region, and conditions similar to happen in these countries, pointing out of the conversations (of the Agency news) to: the foreign investor when he goes to investment it looks for the safe area and a suitable ground so as not to display his money at risk and loss.

says economic expert as Jamie can not isolate Iraq from what is happening in the Arab world as a part of what is happening in the Arab spring, it affects the reality of Iraq.

The beautiful In a statement (of the Agency news of the sons) to: that the foreign investor when he goes to investment, it examines the region extensively, looking for the more stable areas and surrounded by security and law, in order to preserve its assets from loss.

The beautiful: much of the global investment firms willing to invest in Iraq for the attributes of the elements in all sectors, pointing to the existence of contacts between the Union men of the Iraqis with the business global with attache offices commercial European calls on Iraq to visit these countries and to establish commercial relations with them.

and called for an economist to the need for the legislation of laws appropriate for investment, which plays an important role to attract investors to Iraq, and the elimination of bureaucracy and red tape killer in trading circles the state, and the development of facilities to investors, in addition to creating the infrastructure of sound that make it easier to attract investors to Iraq.

For his part, stressed the economic expert Majid picture on the need to improve the investment climate in Iraq for the purpose of exploiting the circumstances of others stable in the region to attract investors to
Iraq that the foreign investor looking for a safe environment for investment.

He said the picture in a statement to the Agency (news) that the situation is unstable in the Arab region
has nothing to do to attract investors to Iraq only if the situation in Iraq is a stable, economically and political and social, emphasizing that investment opportunities in Iraq, very large areas of different evidence that Iraq imported more than (50) billion dollars a year in various materials, such as soon as the establishment of productive projects related to the dispensing of import, it gives a wide range and great investment opportunities in Iraq.

The expert called economic to develop a suitable ground to attract investors to Iraq through the security and economic stability and an end to political differences and economic chaos in order to attract global investment firms to operate in Iraq and the advancement of the Iraqi economy.

The Image: Arab spring is not related to increased investment in Iraq, but laws and facilities and a safe environment are contributing to increased investment.

As confirmed by the Committee on the economy and investment in the Parliament and the MP / Kurdistan Alliance / Mahma Khalil that the situation is unstable in the Arab spring will contribute to increase the incomes of investors to Iraq because it has the environment fertile for investment and provide all the requirements of the investor Kalmward natural and human well to the success of democracy in Iraq, all of
which will make the investor goes to Iraq for investment.

Khelil said in a statement to the Agency (news): The success of the investment process in the Kurdistan region will shed Bdilalha to the rest of the governorates of Iraq because it gave positive signals, in addition to what is owned by Iraq investment opportunities that lacks a lot of countries, it also helps to encourage investors to Iraq, and continued on to say: There are international indicators point to the volume of investment funds wishing to enter the Iraqi environment of more than (146) billion dollars, likely increase in capital and access to the biggest number of of investment companies to Iraq.

and I admit a member of the economic and investment commission in Parliament that the Iraqi Council of Representatives falling short not to pass laws for attracting investment that those laws eliminate the red tape situation in the Iraqi state and banking facilities, pointing to the policy of the banking sector in Iraq is not commensurate with the desire of investors to enter the Iraq.

This is the Arab nations of the wave of protests against the regulations and started from Tunisia, where the results of the revolutions of the overthrow of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and the Egyptian President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak and Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who had yesterday and is expected to witness the more stable areas which are not experiencing a wave of protests, the rise of investment

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