House of Representatives is moving to amend the draft budget

Posted: January 29, 2012 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics, Top Headlines
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Iraqi determine its position on the “final” on her return to the Government and Parliament

A source for a high representative to check out the discussion of the draft general budget on Tuesday, while the complexity of today’s Iraqi List, a meeting attended by all its members to determine the position of “final” to attend meetings of the Council of Ministers and House of Representatives.

According to the source of the “morning,” then there is a tendency to modify some provisions of the draft budget, particularly with regard to regional development.

In another window, sources close to the Office of the President of the National Accord Movement, Iyad
Allawi, that the latter would chair a meeting today in the presence of all members of the Iraqi List (deputy minister).

The sources said in a telephone conversation with the “morning”: that “the meeting will discuss the issue of attending the meetings of the House of Representatives, Ministers or not.” She added that the meeting took place yesterday between representatives of the components of the Iraqi during which the circulation of several issues, including a return to the House of Representatives, where he was deported a final decision in this regard to the day Sunday.

The MP for the list Hamid al-Mutlaq announced in remarks carried by news agencies reported yesterday that the Iraqi List, has decided to attend the deputies of parliament to discuss the budget and the law of amnesty, while stressing “the continued suspension of the presence of the Minister Cabinet meetings.” began the list Iraq on 17 December last, boycott parliament in protest against what it called “political marginalization,” as she put it, as announced two days later, eight provinces and ministers meetings of the Council of Ministers. And Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on 21 December, a request to parliament to withdraw confidence from the deputy leader of the Iraqi List, Saleh al-Mutlaq.

The sources confirmed that “there are many Iraqi MPs want to return to the parliament sessions for the exercise of their role, especially as the areas that elected demanded an end to Comment which is not related to the political crisis, especially that most of the existing laws of the nature of service-and not political.

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