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Parliamentary Finance discussing with the U.S. Treasury Department budget bill 2013

Search Chairman of the parliamentary Finance Committee Haider Abadi, with a delegation from the U.S. Treasury Department last developments in the budget bill for 2013. (more…)

The Committee intends to finance the prosecution submit a final report to the draft general budget for the year 2013 to the Presidency of the Parliament before the end of this month.

announced that committee member Rep. Najiba Najib, indicating that “the Commission has already started to examine the proposals received from the House of Representatives and other committees and ministries and institutions.” (more…)

Follow-up – and babysit – The member of the Finance Committee MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Najiba Najib, Japan’s desire to provide support and assistance for the development of the Iraqi economy in all sectors, especially money and banking sectors.

Najib said: that Iraq needs to support its economy by the developed countries, especially Japan being one of the economically developed countries, through gaining experience and the introduction of modern technology at work. (more…)

18/01/2013 | 10:23 AM | Gulf News
IRBIL, North Iraq, Jan 18 (KUNA) ­­ Former President of Iraq Kurdistan region Barham Salih lauded relations with Kuwait, affirming that both sides were eager to boost the bilateral ties.

He said during a meeting with a delegation of Kuwaiti journalists that both Kuwaitis and Iraqis have suffered on the hands of the former Iraqi regime, affirming that the new Iraq was eager to cooperate with its neighbors to achieve development and prosperity for all states in the region. (more…)