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Date: 13/01/26 14: 27: 58 Saturday

Baghdad (newsletter) …Member of the Committee praised the economy and investment Deputy/Kurdish blocs Coalition Jassim Mohammed Hussein, a step the Central Bank to link your auction to sell hard currency electronically with the Bank institutions and the Ministry of finance and the General Administration of taxes will reduce corruption and will support the national currency in the country.

Banker: the Central Bank requires all banks to develop its work on the use of modern systems
Date: 13/01/26 11: 26: 23 Saturday

Baghdad (newsletter) … The Executive Director reported to the Association of banks-civil Hasson, that Central Bank face a letter to banks to develop their work through the introduction of modern systems and the use of tech. (more…)

Date: 13/01/26 12: 17: 11 Saturday

Baghdad (newsletter) … The Economist called Salem aldaini, need to activate all conventions held with European and developed countries to support and develop the national economy.

Aldaini said (News News Agency): that Iraq had concluded agreements with various economic sectors with European and Asian countries in economic areas such as the Czechs and Ukraine and Sweden, Germany and China and Korea but is still not activated. (more…)

A member of the Finance Committee MP Abdul-Hussein al-Yasiri, the importance of economic amend all laws enacted previously according to a legal formula is consistent with the current economic situation.

Yasiri said in a press statement that “The Iraqi economy is undergoing a conversion of central totalitarian which was dominated by the former regime to a free market economy, who believes in the system of competition in price and quality for products in the market. (more…)

26/01/2013 16:20:00
Baghdad / NINA /–The House of Representatives voted at its session today in favor of the law that determines the state three presidencies in two terms only.

British Minister of Investment: The world has begun to look to Iraq as a recipient economic
Published on Friday, January 25 2 / January 2013 14:13 |

BAGHDAD / obelisk: The Minister of British investment, Friday, that what he called the shift significant development in Iraq has made the world economic thinking in Iraq as an important economic destination and an important future investment and development.

Said Lauder Stephen Crane’s “obelisk”, “The visit to Iraq comes to discuss the possibilities of introducing experiences British capital as a contributor to projects planned by Iraq, especially after stabilize it and transforming it into a modern state democracy and embraced development plans in earnest and thoughtful.” (more…)

The time on Saturday, December 26 2 / January 2013 09:40 | |

Baghdad / Orr News

After 5 years of putting up his first project, is still the law of oil and gas at a standstill, because of political differences around him especially between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

But Baghdad and Erbil had passed away, although not to adopt this draft law in contracts with various international oil companies. (more…)


Visited “New Morning”, on Tuesday evening, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh, who was released on bail by his family, on Monday.

And Saleh expressed his thanks and appreciation to all media organizations and personalities and initiatives that stood by him when he was goodbye in prison, “police station upper” in Baghdad, also went thanked private lawyer Sadiq al-Lami, praising turn Excellence in pursuing the case, stressing at the same time that al-Lami will follow his case to the end and the realization of the right. (more…)

Published on Saturday, December 26 2 / January 2013 13:52
BAGHDAD / obelisk: The United Nations called on Saturday, the political parties in Iraq to a national dialogue for the unity of the country, expressed regret over the deaths in Fallujah demonstrations.

A statement by the UN mission in Iraq UNAMI, that “the Secretary-General of the United Nations strongly condemns the recent wave of terrorist attacks in Iraq that killed hundreds of people and left many injured as regrets for the killing and wounding a number of protesters in Fallujah,” calling “on all parties to exercise limit maximum restraint. ” (more…)