Iraq WTO committee member warns Iraq about full accession to WTO membership; We have nothing to export

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
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Member, Committee on the economy warns Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization in the absence of local product
Date: 13/03/07 12: 55: 27 Thursday

Baghdad (newsletter).Member of the Committee on the economy and warned investment iraqiya MP for//Qusay Juma, Iraq has joined the World Trade Organization in the current period because its economy is still dependent on foreign imports and production sectors, is activated.

He said Juma (News Agency): the Commerce Department must carefully before submitting a request to the World Trade Organization lanzmam Iraq, because the national economy is still dependent on foreign imports, and has products for both export oil.

He added: the acceptance by the Organization lanzmam Iraq during the current period will make the country being lazy and non-productive it will open the world market for imports, so other countries would recover at the expense of the Iraqi economy.

And the WTO has sent a set of queries and requests for the Ministry of Commerce to modify file requested Iraq to join the organization.

The WTO requires adherence to conventions and with the commitment of the State wishing to accede to the signing of the Protocol of accession includes approval of all WTO agreements

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