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26 February 2013 12:13 GMT

Alsumaria News / Baghdad announced global smart card, Tuesday announced the launch of its services to the second generation of card holders the “Ki Card” in Iraq, while indicated that they will in the coming months to activate the roaming service for the smart card to be used outside the country, as well as service and mobile Internet. (more…)

Currency spread fraud in Iraq .. Accusations directed at Tehran and central reassured as minor

is almost the heart of Riyadh burns he describes how he set twice before banking offices, which paid about half of the $ Hwalth dollars forged, and how that when he went to receive the transfer other Iraqi currency was falling into the same!. , says the citizen Riyadh Khalifa, 40 years old, which receives from time to time a sum of money from his brother, who live outside Iraq, “Alsumaria News”, “For me, I am a victim of fraud twice,” explains that a banking offices paid him the amount of transfer of $ 500, and later found to be $ 200, including a forged , he said, “With this office declined to banking compensatory amount counterfeiter.”

and follow the Khalifa “This was the first time that the fall in which a victim of the promotion of counterfeit currency, and for this I decided to receive the amount transferred from my brother in local currency, and was surprised later that the currency were not free from fraud is, too, “and stresses, stressing,” I still have two papers Mzortin of class 10 thousand dinars. ” (more…)

Criticized a number of economists, Saturday, five-year plan launched by the Ministry of Planning to eradicate poverty and raise the standard of living of the Iraqi people, considering that the actions taken by the government did not reduce the poverty rate in the country.

He said economic expert at the Institute of Economic Reform Ala Fahd in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, on the sidelines of a seminar hosted by the Institute in Baghdad on human development indicators in Iraq, “The five-year plan announced by Iraq in 2010 was based on realism, objectivity and universality, as well as the lack of suitable ground for the political and security situation in the country, “noting that” This plan did not reach the goal that was organized for him. ” (more…)