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By Thomas Kostigen

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (MarketWatch) — There are more than 208,000 posts on the forum web site about Iraq dinar speculation alone. The top thread is “CNBC’s Jim Cramer is High on Iraq Investment & ETF Dinar Fund.”

Clearly, investing in Iraq is a hot subject and investors are eyeing opportunities as the U.S. declares the war there officially over. The private sector’s queue will certainly pick up where the troops left off. Infrastructure engineering, technology, and consulting firms are set and primed to pounce.

Once the oil law in that country finally gets passed — determining which companies get the oil contracts and concessions — a whole other industry of opportunity will also evolve. It can’t be forgotten that Iraq’s oil reserves make it a very wealthy nation. Indeed, many believe that is why the U.S. got in the war there to begin with (although that seems curious now).

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This past year has been marked by uncertainty and instability; what started off as a strong 2011, quickly turned into a wild ride for investors. As equities have been tossed back in forth in recent weeks, investors have their eyes fixed on major indexes and other indicators to judge the overall health of our economy.

Needless to say, with all of the turmoil, a number of asset classes have flown relatively under the radar, including currencies.

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